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Elf on the Shelf

I'll be scouring the web looking for fun ideas for Elf on the Shelf!! Does your family have this tradition? If not, and your interest is piqued, check it out HERE. There's a book kit you can buy that includes an elf, but you could make your own for all you sew*ers out there. Here's some links to some fun Elf on the Shelf Ideas!! Link up yourself if you'd like! AND VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITES!!

Does your Elf come with a letter from Santa? If so, HERE's a free Santa Stationary download!

I think this idea is hilarious!! Especially with the Squinkies!!
Little Bit Funky

The Elf playing a board game!! (I Heart Faces also as a compilation of 12 ideas)
Kelli B.
Magic Elf Seeds(a present from the Elf on the first day!!) LOVE AND DOING!!
East Coast Mommy

The Elf playing cards and wins!! (She has shared a HUGE collection of what they've done at their house)

or fishing in the sink!
That's Country Living

A Sugar Angel (check out her other ideas too! I love the Elf in the glass!!) 

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