Welcome!!! No sign-ups are necessary to jump in on the fun!!! All you need to do is link up at the bottom of each Week's Themes. They will be posted early Friday mornings and closed the following Thursday evening in preparation for the following theme. However, if you would like a reminder email/message, please sign-up, I will be sending out reminders the Friday before.

Any questions? Contact us at justsimplychristmas@yahoo.com

PLEASE READ: To Participants

Thank you so much for your willingness to participate in this amazing and exciting endeavor to celebrate the meaning of Christmas. The simple and humble birth of our Savior.

Here's some guidelines to make this as seamless as possible

- There are no specifics to what you can post, just go with the theme and Christmas and have fun. (Digital Kits, Hybrid projects, printables, crafts, sewing patterns, card templates etc) *THESE MUST BE YOUR OWN WORK!!
- This will be working as a linky party via inlinz. Please feel free to post as many as you would like under the appropriate themes. The link will go up Friday morning and will remain open until the following Thursday night.
-THESE ARE FREEBIES, and need to remain freebies for 1 month from the launch date.
-Please sign up for more than one week, we are hoping to make this a HUGE event, and we be most grateful!
-If you have an idea for the theme, please feel free to COMMENT BELOW  or email me about it and I'll post it up and see if it's more popular than others already listed

ANY QUESTIONS???  Contact me at justsimplychristmas@yahoo.com.... THANKS!!

If you would like, you can also send an HTML of your button (nothing animated) of your website as a participant and we'll put it up for you. Please size it no greater than 200px by 100px.

This is a great way to get some exposure for your blog/website and to see all the talents that we have been blessed with. Please snag the button or the ad. or create your own, invite your friends or post about it and spread the word about this, again ANYTHING is open (nothing obscene or immoral will be posted).

Here's a list of themes and the day it will be launching (the links will take you to the post of that week)

WK 1: (9/7) Anything and everything Christmas-y (may also be old posts from previous years' Christmases)

WK 2: (9/14) Homemade/ Bought Gifts for Babies and Children (both boys and girls all ages)

WK 3: (9/21) Homemade/ Bought Gifts for Men and Women

WK 4: (9/28) Recipes

WK 5: (10/5) Gratitude

WK 6: (10/12) - Digital Scrapbooking Kits ("Wintery" will be the theme)

WK 7: (10/19)- Service

WK 8: (10/26)- Home Decor and Crafts and Kid's Christmas Crafts

WK 9: (11/2) -Visiting/Home Teaching/Missionary (LDS)/ Neighborhood Gifts

WK 10: (11/9)- Christmas Trees/ Ornaments/Garlands/ Wreaths/ Advents/Traditions

WK 11: (11/16) Digital Scrapbooking Kits ("Red and Greens")

There will be no launching on November 23rd for Thanksgiving

WK 12: (11/30) Primary (LDS) Singingtime Games/Activities

WK 13: (12/7)- Winter Break Survival

WK 14: (12/14)- Stocking Stuffers

WK 15: (12/21)- Family Home Evening (FHE-LDS) Lessons/Activities/ Desserts, Christmas Story (not the movie)


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