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Friday, September 14, 2012

WK 2: Homemade/ Bought Gifts for Babies and Children

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Thank you so much to those that participated last week and for those who are participating this week!! I'm so excited to see all the entries from this week. I've always loved homemade gifts, thinking of all the love and thought going into each.

First here's some finds from this week.

(Some really awesome ideas can be found in this link!!)
Everything Etsy

(Homemade bows!! I'm so excited to try my hand at this, this year, we'll see how they turn out!)
A Heart for Home

(okay how cool is this!?!? Maybe I won't have legos in my living room anymore, well one can hope!)
Somewhat Simple

(Have an artist in the family? How about a new storage system! Look how cute!)
House to Home

(Okay so I'm completely boy, and all I can think of is houses for the roads that come up in our living room made from masking tape, but how fun would these be to add to the "city" box?)
Lowe's Creative Ideas

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