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Saturday, September 1, 2012

To make it easy...

I will be doing a "linky party" instead of just posting each of the blogs and a picture. The linky party will be up on Friday morning and will continue until the following Thursday evening.
For those that are just joining and would like to participant, please read THIS....

 Please feel free to post as many links as you would like. The themes will stay the same.
Here's a list of themes and the day it will be launching

WK 1: (9/7) Anything and everything Christmas-y (may also be old posts from previous years' Christmases)

WK 2: (9/14) Homemade/ Bought Gifts for Babies and Children (both boys and girls all ages)

WK 3: (9/21) Homemade/ Bought Gifts for Men and Women

WK 4: (9/28) Recipes

WK 5: (10/5) Gratitude

WK 6: (10/12) - Digital Scrapbooking Kits ("Wintery" will be the theme, color palette TBA)

WK 7: (10/19)- Service

WK 8: (10/26)- Home Decor and Crafts and Kid's Christmas Crafts

WK 9: (11/2) -Visiting/Home Teaching/Missionary (LDS)/ Neighborhood Gifts

WK 10: (11/9)- Christmas Trees/ Ornaments/Garlands/ Wreaths/ Advents/Traditions

WK 11: (11/16) Digital Scrapbooking Kits ("Red and Greens" will be the palette TBA)

There will be no launching on November 23rd for Thanksgiving

WK 12: (11/30) Primary (LDS) Singingtime Games/Activities

WK 13: (12/7)- Winter Break Survival

WK 14: (12/14)- Stocking Stuffers

WK 15: (12/21)- Family Home Evening (FHE-LDS) Lessons/Activities/ Desserts, Christmas Story (not the movie)

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