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Friday, October 19, 2012

WK 7: Service

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Okay so I'm just going to talk for a bit please feel free to scroll down. I'm really getting disheartened by the amount of participation, there's lots of visitors but hardly any participating. I  appreciate those who have participated, but it's just disheartening to have put in all this effort in inviting and posting when no one participates just visits. Please participate :) I'd greatly appreciate it!

This week's theme was the idea of Andi and I really don't know what she had in mind for this week so I'll try my best.

OH MY GOSH!!! I'm so excited to have found this, and this will be something that I'll be doing with my boys!


(How wonderful!!! - I wonder if there's something similar for Our Troops)

Okay so now it's your turn, what are your ideas for Service during Christmas time?


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